At the request of the Department of Defense, the staff of Excalibur Consulting completed multiple schools in the Middle East to train foreign students in interviewing skills, security screening and polygraph utilization for security clearance programs. Let us train your personnel in quality research validated techniques to improve your security posture and vetting programs.

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Excalibur can help you with the important decisions that impact your professional and personal future. We have unique expertise in both sourcing and collecting information that will be critical in your decision making process.

Excalibur Consulting offers professional, discreet, and thorough investigations and security solutions for private and public sector clients. We maintain partnerships with seasoned criminal justice professionals who possess the highest degree of talent and professional contacts available. In addition we offer comprehensive training solutions including, interview and interrogation, basic and advanced polygraph skills, detecting and managing suspicious reporting, crime analysis and intelligence led policing management training.

Each member of the Excalibur Team is a career professional with significant domestic or international law enforcement experience. The Excalibur Team provides solutions within Texas and nationwide as well as in many global locations. Each team member is able to draw from real-world experiences in managing complex criminal investigations, producing intelligence assessments, and conducting background screenings while serving with leading law enforcement agencies. This expertise would be difficult to obtain elsewhere but it is critical in achieving resolutions to your complex problems.

Excalibur Consulting offers a free consultation to help you tailor services to specific needs while finding the right solutions to your problems.

90% of consent searches fail to uncover contraband

  ~ Rand Corporation

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  • • Traditional and Electronic Surveillance
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